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A leading company

CTA Services SA belongs to a group of companies owned by the Domenig family and is the leading privately-owned maintenance and facility services company in Western Switzerland. All staff are employed on terms governed by a collective agreement. Our quality managers ensure that the services provided meet your requirements.
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A multi-services company

We can do more than simply maintain and clean your premises. Our activities also include technical management of buildings, facility services and work in ultra-clean environments. We operate throughout Western Switzerland.
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ISO 9001 and 14001certification

CTA Services SA is ISO 9001:2000 certified and our staff include specialists with federal diplomas in the following: • Cleaning of buildings • Cleaning and protection of structural materials • Toxicology and microbiology

600 employees in Western Switzerland

The 600 employees of CTA Services SA are at your service every day. They receive training in various aspects, work in specialist teams and are carefully supervised. Stringent quality inspections check that work has been carried out properly.
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Facility Management

Facility management is a service which meets today’s requirements. Our staff deal with mail management, office supplies, lighting, photocopiers and coffee machines. They take care of matters of office administration and can even organise catering for business events.

Equipment, products and logistics

CTA Services SA operates several service vehicles and a bucket truck. We use biodegradable, high-technology maintenance products in quantities which minimise their environmental impact. All equipment and products are provided and are included in our prices. Logistics are dealt with by our depots in Geneva, Gland and Lausanne.
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Solid references

CTA Services SA has been chosen by major groups in fields including pharmaceuticals and banking, and by international bodies, airports and local authorities. Private individuals and SMEs also benefit from the company’s dynamism and high quality standards.
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Office maintenance

Let us deal with your office cleaning. We provide a consistently high standard of cleanliness and help you control costs. You can also ask us to unlock and lock up your premises or water your indoor plants. More: Office maintenance All types of cleaning CTA Services SA can also provide the following types of specialist technical and periodic cleaning: Floors Windows Façades Ceilings Carpets Office equipment Post-construction After alterations After vacation of premises

All types of cleaning

CTA Services SA can also provide the following types of specialist technical and periodic cleaning:
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Façades
  • Ceilings
  • Carpets
  • Office equipment
  • Post-construction
  • After alterations
  • After vacation of premises
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Janitorial services

For a moderate cost, specialist teams deal with all janitorial duties, so that common spaces, stairwells, outdoor spaces and landscaped areas are regularly maintained. We can also provide relief janitors to cover holidays and other absences.

Washroom accessories

CTA Services SA offers a total accessories sales and distribution service to enhance your washrooms. We offer professional advice and excellent value for money. Consumables are delivered directly to your premises.

Domestic help

We provide private individuals with motivated, trained and vetted staff for cleaning, ironing, watering plants and maintenance of your apartment or villa. Cleaning products and equipment are provided at no extra charge.

Post-construction cleaning

For many years, CTA Services SA has provided teams of experienced specialists, with suitable equipment, to carry out rapid post-construction cleaning. We also maintain premises during such work, taking appropriate protective measures.

Façade cleaning

To enhance your property, we recommend our façade cleaning service. We use a hydrodynamic process which gives impressive results. It costs less than repainting your premises and the protective coating is guaranteed for 5 years. We also remove graffiti.

Ceiling cleaning

Your ceilings can be sparkling clean again. We use a waterless, micro-spraying process, which does not require the use of protective covers. It removes grease and kills fungi, making it suitable for use in kitchens.

Ultra-clean environments

CTA Services SA is a specialist in cleaning in protected environments. We work to French AFNOR standards and the staff concerned undergo accredited specialist training. We work with pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and the microtechnology industry on a daily basis.

Technical management of buildings

We can not only maintain and clean your property, we can also manage it. This covers technical monitoring, entry of new tenants, management of work and rapid action to deal with any equipment failure.

Areas of operation

We operate throughout Western Switzerland, with branch offices and depots in Geneva, Gland and Lausanne. We work in the following cantons: Geneva, Jura, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Valais. For contracts covering the whole of Switzerland, we cooperate with a company based in German-speaking Switzerland.

Apprentice training

CTA Services SA invests in apprentice training so that our high standards are maintained. Apprentices are carefully supervised and work in all departments within the company.
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An all-inclusive price!

With CTA Services SA, everything is included in the price, there are no hidden extras.
Social security contributions
Consumables (toilet paper, paper towels etc.) are the only items for which an additional charge is made.

We work in 4 languages

We work in French, German, English and Italian, employing multilingual managers who can speak your language and answer all your questions.
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