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Good-value consumables, delivered regularly.

Distribution and sale of accessories for your washrooms and delivery of consumables. Benefit from a total service and advice from professionals in finding products which offer the best value for money.

Regular delivery of consumables

Where you have made us responsible for maintenance of your premises, our staff automatically deal with the management of your stock. Otherwise, our logistics department takes your order and your consumables are rapidly delivered.

  • Supplies and refills for all distributed products
  • Toilet paper 
  • Hand towels 
  • Hand soap
  • Waste bins
  • Bin liners

A complete range of accessories for your washrooms

We distribute a full range of washroom equipment, under the Eco-Hygiène label, throughout Western Switzerland. This includes the following products:

  • Sanitary waste bins for disposal of sanitary towels and tampons
  • Air fresheners 
  • Dispensers for soap, roller towels, hand towels, toilet paper 
  • Vending machines for tampons, sanitary towels, and condoms with the OK
  • Quality mark
  • Urinal grids
  • Toilet seat covers

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