• Large selection of maintenance and cleaning services for professionals.
  • Support and management of your company general services’ outsourcing.
  • The cleaning solution that will free up your personal schedule.
  • The tailor made cleaning concept for your resort.
  • Outdoor areas maintenance to enjoy each season even more!
  • Flexible food & beverages concept, as well as on-site company events’ organization.

About us

CTA Services entretien nettoyage et facility services Suisse

A family business - close to you for CTA-services SA, 30 years! !

In the footsteps of her father Théodore, Christine Domenig founded CTA Services in 1987. Quickly joined by her brother Alain, they developed together their business activity in the cleaning, maintenance and facility management.

A long and etablished collaboration with TN Technique du Nettoyage in Geneva and DBA in Valais fulfills the CTA branches of CTA in Gland, Lausanne, Fribourg, Zurich and Lugano.

  • Christine Domenig
    CEO & CFO
  • Alain Domenig
    COO, Development & HSE Director

Christine and Alain Domenig are personally committed as well as with CTA Services

Christine Domenig is président of the Flavie Foundation (prévention and support for victims of burns).

Alain Domenig serves his community in St-Georges as Mayor as since 2012, and as member of the Rolle-Aubonne Kiwanis.

Furthermore, CTA Services provide local organizations with many other financial and human support and fully plays its socials role fulfilling its ethical commitment.

In addition, training, health and safety and the impact on the environment are the heart of any preoccupations.

CTA makes every effort to meet  these requirements in order to ensure quality management.

The employees:

Headquarters - Gland

  • Christopher Domenig
    Key Account mgr
  • Anouchka Goetz
    Admin. & HR Director
  • Sarah Martinez
    HR Manager
  • Christine Jaques
    HR Assistant
  • Nathalie Mazzoni
    Procurement Assistant
  • Jeton Luzha
    Warehouse & Deliveries


  • Besim Halimi
    Branch Manager
  • Lulzim Ademi
    Specialized Cleaning Supervisor
  • Estelle Dubois
    Administrative Assistant
  • Florian Fantino
    Administrative Assistant
  • Ahmed Ezzat
    Gestionnaire admin. & exploitation
  • Gabriela Martins
    Senior Supervisor
  • Grégory Domenig
    Responsable exploitation
  • Semair Murati
  • Cristina Ferreira
  • Silvia Martins


  • Gérald Bruttin
    Branch Manager
  • Elena Travaglini
    Administrative Assistant
  • Rosa Maria Da Cunha
  • Sandra Gil
    Head housekeeper


  • Fabien Barber
    Branch Manager
  • Aldo Antunes


  • Visar Krasniqi
    Team leader


  • Noelia Quispe

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