• Large selection of maintenance and cleaning services for professionals.
  • Support and management of your company general services’ outsourcing.
  • The cleaning solution that will free up your personal schedule.
  • The tailor made cleaning concept for your resort.
  • Outdoor areas maintenance to enjoy each season even more!
  • Flexible food & beverages concept, as well as on-site company events’ organization.

Sales conditions

1. Definitions

Terms and conditions include here below the following wording :

  • Principal : any physical person or corporation who contracted services with the Representative.
  • Representative : CTA Services SA, based at 8, route des Avouillons - 1196 Gland. IDE: CHE-106.021.780

2. Area of application

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to any contractual relations between the Representative and the Principal.for services.

3. Duration

The contract takes effect as of the first order placed on the website. It is concluded for a minimu of 1 (one) month. It is thereafter tacitly extended for 1 (one) month, unless either parties withdraw from the contract in writing (email or ordinary mail) 2 (two) months prior to its expiry date.

4. Price and payment terms

A. The price indicated on the web offer stands for one intervention and in Swiss francs (CHF). It can be broken down by month afterwards.

B. The service is due in advance and must be cashed in at a minimum 3 full work days (72 hours) prior to service execution.

C. Price is subject to future modification in relation to Swiss living cost index and/or Collective Labor Agreement applicable to the related activity sector. If such is the case, then a communication shall be sent and requires agreement from the Principal.

5. Access to services

The representative has the right to deny any potential customer without having to disclose any reason.

6. Obligations linked with contract execution

A. The representative provides the Principal with a staff that is equipped and trained to properly execute the services as defined in the contract.

A1. Materials, products and devices as they are necessary to complete the tasks are brought by the Representative.

A2. The Representative can have (cold and hot) water as well as electrical power as they are necessary to fulfill their tasks for free at the Principal’s expense.

A3. The Representative commits to fully respect the applicable Law and Collective Labor Agreement.

A4. The Representative is entitled to adapt the prices if the order and/or the location do not correspond to the ordered service, for instance the rooms’ description, etc.

B. The Principal agrees to fully respect these Terms and Conditions.

B1. The Principal must pay the requested service in advance, otherwise the service can be cancelled without any compensation to be requested from the Representative.

B2. Any service cancellation that fails to be notified to the Representative at least 3 full work days (72 hours) prior to service execution time starts, shall not be paid back and no compensation can be requested from the Representative.

7. Data protection

The Representative commits to not share or forward any personal data to third parties without written agreement from the Principal.

8. Modifications

The Representative reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. The modifications will be accessible on our website.

9. Applicable jurisdiction and right

All contractual relations are submitted to Swiss law. Jurisdiction takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland.

10. Translation

In case of language conflict or misunderstanding due to translation matters, the French version of these Terms and Conditions always prevails over the English text.

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